Our Criminal Defense Practice

The very moment you are placed under arrest by law enforcement, your entire life changes. You have to take immediate action to ensure that your rights remain protected at all times, because it is so easy to make a mistake that can result in your conviction.

You have to realize that neither the police nor the prosecutor's office is on your side, even if they seem like they are truly interested in your story. The more you say to them, the worse you will make things for yourself.

Taking Action To Protect Your Future

At Groves Law Offices, LLP, in Tacoma, Washington, we understand the pressure that you are under when charged with a crime. We know how confusing and stressful it can be for you, and we are going to be there to offer you guidance and support throughout the process. We want you to be able to present a strong defense to whatever charges that you may be facing.

Some of the various cases where we offer our defense services include:

  • Drug crimes, including possession, distribution, manufacturing and traffic
  • Assault and violent crimes such as domestic violence or gun crimes
  • Property crimes, including theft
  • Juvenile crimes such as underage drinking, underage DUI or vandalism

We know the stakes are high for you in your case. You have a lot to lose if you are convicted of a crime, and our lawyers want to do everything we can to help minimize the charges you may be facing. We will meet with prosecutors and work to negotiate an agreement that is in your best interests.

If the prosecutors insist upon taking your case to trial, we are more than comfortable in the courtroom. We are in court nearly every day fighting for our clients. We are prepared to go to trial if it is the best option for you.

We're Here For You

When charged with a crime, having an experienced attorney on your side is the only way to truly protect your rights. To schedule a free consultation with our criminal defense team, please call our office at 253-220-7386 or send us an email. Our office is conveniently located in the Historic Tacoma Armory Building.