Perhaps one of the most frequently charged crimes in Pierce County, DUI’s can have impacts that go beyond financial inconvenience and public embarrassment. Mandatory minimum jail sentences, SR-22 insurance, and DOL sanctions are but a few of the harsh consequences associated with DUI convictions. Our team of highly skilled attorneys are experienced in navigating the complexities of DUI negotiations and trials and we stand ready to defend you.

Thefts, Shoplifting, and Other Crimes of Dishonesty

Considered crimes of dishonesty, thefts, shoplifting, false statement to a police officer, all carry very harsh consequences that are frequently overlooked. Employers that see crimes of dishonesty on a criminal background check can deny you employment. Landlords can deny you housing. Lastly, crimes of dishonesty can be used against you if you are ever charged with a felony offense. Finding the right attorney to represent you if you are charged in a District or Municipal Court is essential. The attorneys at Groves Law Offices are prepared to fight for your reputation and get you the best possible outcome for your case.

Domestic Violence Charges

Most people do not know that Domestic Violence is merely an aggravating factor attached to a different charged crime. It is not a crime in and of itself. The DV aggravator is most commonly associated wth a simple assault charge but can also be attached to any munber of charges, including: malicious mischief, theft, and trespass, to name a few. The DV aggravator can have the effect of modifying any sentence that is imposed by the court. Additionally, most charges that carry a DV aggravator prompt the court to issue a no contact order that can have extremely devastating effects on a person’s ability to work, find housing, and even visit their children. If you are charged with a crime and domestic violence is alleged, contact our office immediately. Groves Law Offices is ready to support and defend you.

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