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Being involved in a marriage, romantic relationship, or any other living situation wherein you are being hurt or threatened can be terrifying. If domestic violence has recently occurred or you are in fear for your safety, you should seek a restraining order right away. At Groves Law Offices, we can help individuals like yourself seek protection during divorce proceedings as well as against any individual who has subjected you to domestic violence. You can rely on us to not only provide you with stellar legal representation but to ensure you are protected and supported emotionally.

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What is Considered to be Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is most commonly thought to be physical abuse between spouses. However, domestic violence can also include a variety of other acts committed against a family member, ex-spouse, romantic partner, or roommate. Unfortunately, acts of domestic violence are often committed in order to control a spouse or the parent of a child, such as to prevent them from leaving. It is important that you keep as much evidence as possible, such as emails, pictures, or text messages.

A few examples of acts which may be considered domestic violence include:

  • Harassment
  • Stalking
  • Child abuse
  • Child endangerment
  • Sexual abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Assault or battery

How to Get a Domestic Violence Order for Protection

Washington’s domestic violence orders for protection can safeguard a victim from their abuser. The document officially orders the defendant to stop the abuse lest they face legal consequences. To get a domestic violence order for protection, you must:

  • Obtain the necessary forms either from the Washington State Courts website or the court clerk’s office
  • Bring the completed forms, along with a photo ID, to the clerk
  • Sign the documents in front of the clerk
  • Serve the respondent with notice of the hearing at least five business days before your court date
  • Attend the hearing for the final order

In cases where the victim is in immediate danger, an ex parte hearing can be held to grant them a temporary protection order while they await the final order.

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At Groves Law Offices, we have over three decades of combined experience providing our clients with strong legal representation and practical advice. We want to ensure that you are not only protected from harm but that you fully understand your legal options. If you or your child have been harmed, we can help you apply for a restraining order. We can also help navigate the complexities that domestic violence can bring to a divorce case.

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