About Us

Groves Law Offices, LLP, is a law firm that puts clients first. Our attorneys understand how life-changing it can be to be facing a legal problem, and we want to make things much less stressful for you throughout your case. Whether you have an issue in family law, or need a strong defense when charged with a crime, we are here to help you make sense of what is happening in your situation.

Our lawyers take a very "client-centered" approach with each case. What that means to us is that we are fully invested in what happens to you and your case. We get to know you, learn what is most important to you and discuss what you want to see happen. We then provide you with detailed information about the legal process and the Washington law involved in your case, and identify the major issues that will need to be addressed as things proceed.

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We focus on reducing the conflict in family law cases, as well as the potential penalties in criminal matters. However, we know that not every discussion with the opposition is going to yield positive results. If we need to go to trial for you, we will, if that is in your best interests. Each of our attorneys has extensive litigation experience, and we are more than at home inside the courtroom.

You may not be sure if you need an attorney to handle your case. Our firm conducts a free clinic on Saturdays to help clients with potential legal problems. We are here to offer guidance and advice regardless of whether or not you hire us after speaking with us at the clinic. We want you to have access to quality legal advice that you can use to fully evaluate all of your options.

We're Here For You

We value the relationships that we have with the local community. We want you to trust us to solve your most difficult legal problems. To schedule your free consultation, please call our office at 253-220-7386 or send us an email. Our office is conveniently located in the Historic Tacoma Armory Building.